Logo Project (First Year)

This is a page displaying the progress through the branding project I was set.

After deciding on the brand name “Infinite Loop Gaming” I then started to draw some basic logo ideas:

Branding-1 Branding-2 Branding-3 Branding-4 Branding-5 Branding-6 Branding-7 Branding-8 Branding-9 Branding-10 Branding-11 Branding-12 Branding-13 Branding-14 Branding-15 Branding-16 Branding-17 Branding-18 Branding-19 Branding-20

After creating these designs, I then took the basic logo design and created it on my computer to see what it looked like:

2D Logo

I then placed it onto a letter to see how it looked in black and white and if it would be as effective:

Letter With 2D Logo

I then placed the logo onto the front cover of a game to see how it looked:

GTA V PS3 Cover copy

I then started to see what the logo could look like in 3D:

3D Logo

3D Logo Texture and Play Button

After finding a basic design I liked I then started to create a storyboard for what the animation could look like of one of them:

Branding-21 Branding-22 Branding-23 Branding-24 Branding-25 Branding-26

After playing around with Cinema 4D I started to gather more Ideas about how I wanted my animation to look.

Here is the storyboard of the new short animation:

1 2 3 4 5 6

Here is the final version of the short animation I made:


I also made another video to demonstrate how my logo would be used in a real life situation:


Other examples of a real life example are the following:


PLaystation store picture PS3 Game Disc Xbox Marketplace Picture

Here is the storyboard of the extended animation I also made:













Here is the final extended animation I made:



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